Friday, January 31, 2014

Curved TV

The first curved Tvs came out last year. They included very expensive OLEDs from LG and Samsung, and the first curved LED and LCD. At CES 2014 LG introduced a few curved sets which were mainly OLEDs and none were remotely affordable. The curved can help impart some extra feeling of depth and help reduce reflections. Samsung says all of its curved Tvs target the same viewing distance, 10 to 13 feet away dependig on screen size. From these distances, even a 78 inch screen cant provide the feeling of an IMAX screen, which surrounds you more. Sony;s 65 in KDL costs $4,000. For more info click here

Thursday, January 30, 2014

LG Lifeband Touch

The LG Lifeband Touch is perfect for all those who want to regulate and keep track of their fitness and exercise all with the push of a button or flick of the wrist. While working out it will keep track of speed, calories, accelerometer and altimeter readings, and heart rate. The Life Band touch merges fitness and connectivity by wirelessly connecting to your Bluetooth or smartphone via the LG Fitness App. When connected the OLED screen will even show you who's calling as well as the music that's playing. These unique features makes the LG Lifeband Touch an useful fitness accessory.
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Sleep Number x12

This is a bed that is full of sensors which monitor and analyse your sleeping patterns. This bed can be adjusted to your own comfort through a remote or voice commands. It is capable of giving massages and the best feature is the snore stopper. The sensors gather up data which are then sent to a smartphone app and the sleeper receives a SleepIQ score. The app also gives suggestions on how to get a better sleep. For more information on the Sleep Number x12 click here.

4K television

The highest resolution T.V. to date having a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels, with a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels. When the high end HD TV only have 1080 pixels.Both Polaroid and Vizio introduced 50-inch 4K T.V. for $999. They go on sale later this year.  the only issue is that Programs have to shoot in 4K resolution if they don't theses televisions will be useless. click Here to learn more  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

Ergo Pro

The Matias Ergo Pro keyboard, is a keyboard that splits into two independent halves, that is connected by a thin, flexible communications cable. The two halves can be moved to various tilts to accommodate peoples different arm positions. The keyboard also has three USB 2.0 ports, media control keys, and keys dedicated for undo, cut, copy, and paste. It will be available in August for windows and Mac computers. To learn more click here

Friday, January 17, 2014

Drive less Car

The Car that you can drive with no hands!

Audi Piloted Driving demonstration

Google's robotic cars have about $150,000 in equipment including a $70,000 laser radar system.The automated cars use video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to other traffic, as well as detailed maps, which we collect using manually driven vehicles to navigate the road ahead. This is all made possible by Google’s data centers, which can process the enormous amounts of information gathered by our cars when mapping their terrain.

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Samsung 85U9B Bendable Flat Screen TV

Samsung is introducing two styles of concave TV's this year. 

You can press a button on the remote control and it moves to the bendable position and press it again to return it to your original flat screen HD-TV. 
Samsung did announce it as a concept which means that it is still in the making, but now they say it will ship this year. And surprisingly, it is a real product now. 
This TV has an LCD screen, and the frame including parts of the back light and filter bend at will. 
People could call this TV "Sleep-by-numbers- The TV version"
The TV housing is larger then most TV's which will raise the cost. The cost is not presented yet, I imagine that it will cost a very large amount when it is in the stores later this year. 

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Tech In Your Eyes

Innovega is developing a contact lens that will take in the light from projectors. Similar to Google Glasses, it is sure to rival it. Both glasses and lenses are worn, able to take on close and far away objects, while watching your favorite movie or checking social media. The glasses allow for prescription if needed and have a slight bubble in the middle allowing for a wide range of viewing with a screen so close to your eyes. Its possible that the development of the Innovega glasses and lenses could start in late 2014 or early 2015. For more information Click Here.

Intel Wireless Charging Bowl

Intel gave a small sneak peak at a new innovation that have dreamed up. The wireless charging bowl has no name, release date or price it is in the making. The device will be about 10 inches in diameter and be able to charge any wireless device you play inside of it. Or at least that's the plan. Currently it can only be used to charge Intel's smart headset. Intel has the idea that just like people will leave their keys and change in a bowl, they will also drop off their electronics in a bowl to charge and be picked up on the way out. For more information click Here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The "lazy" Skateboard

The newest skateboard is now here! Unveiled at the CES 2014, the E-GO Cruiser is the latest type of skateboards produced by Yuneec.  It is the world's lightest electric skateboard ever produced, weighing only a total of 13.9 lbs! On one full charge, the skateboard will give you 18 miles, going up to speeds of 12 MPH, it also has the ability to go up hills! It is controlled by an wireless remote or an iPhone app. To move forward you shift the slider forward and to slow down you move the slider down. The cost for this board is $700.

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Samsung Galaxy S5

It has been announced that Samsung will be releasing the successor the S4 which came out early 2013. The Samsung S5 is rumored to be released some time in April of 2014. The S5 will feature a stunning  2,560x1,440-pixel AMOLED display, which is a higher resolution display then the Iphone 5s. Built inside will be a Exynos 6 processor or a Snapdragon 805 processor. It is also Rumored to have a 16 megapixel camera and will come with Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 Voyce: Don't call it Fitbit for dogs
This product was made for dog lovers. To use this Gadget you put Voyce around your dogs neck. It is a type of a collar. This collar will monitor your dogs health. It has to be charged once a week for 4 hours. The collar will read many of your Dogs health signs. It can read your dogs heart rate, activity and rest levels. This gadget costs $299 to buy with a monthly subscription of $15 a month.
This collar is water proof and will fit dogs of all sizes

Saturday, November 30, 2013

John Edward Warnock

John Warnock 2008.jpg

John Edward Warnock was born on October 6, 1940. He is an American computer scientist who co-founded Adobe Systems Inc. with Charles Geschke. He was president of Adobe for his first two years and Chairman and CEO for the last 16 years at the company. He retired in 2001, but still co-chairs with Geschke. Warnock was a recipient of the National Medal of Technology.  For more info click here 

Ada Lovelace, the mother of the modern computer

she was born December 10, 1815 into a very wealthy family, after it was discovered that she had a talent for numbers and science she was put into the care of tutors who helped her develop these skills. at the age of 17 she was able to meet Charles Babbage a well known mathematician who was working on the worlds first calculator. she was astonished by the machine, but that didn't stop her from suggesting changes that could be made in order to give the computer more functionality. she developed the first algorithm, and became the worlds first computer programmer.   

Friday, November 29, 2013

Namihei Odaira

Namihei Odaira is the founder of the major Japanese technology company known as Hitachi.
He was born January 15, 1874 about 100 km outside of Tokyo, Japan and died October 5, 1951
Was a Japanese Entrepreneur and philanthropist
Namihei acted as the Managing Director and later the President of Hitachi.
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Michael Dell

Born in Huston Texas February 23 1965 Michael Dell was born. He is the man how founded Dell inc. one of the worlds leading computer brands. Dell was the youngest CEO to have his company in fortune magazine at the age of 27. Dell has received the 2013 Franklin Institute's Bower Award for Business Leadership. he is the 41 richest man in the world. $15.9 billion as of March 2012.Click here to learn more

Larry Page

Larry" Page is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Google, alongside Sergey Brin. On April 4, 2011, Page succeeded Eric Schmidt as the chief executive officer of Google. He was born on March 26 1973. In 1998, Brin and Page founded Google, Inc. Larry ran Google as co-president along with Brin until 2001 when they hired Eric Schmidt as Chairman and CEO of Google. In January 2011 Google announced that Page would replace Schmidt as CEO in April the same year.

Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart was born on January 30, 1925 and died on July 2, 2013. He always dreamed to use computers to connect individuals in a network. He was an American engineer and inventor of the computer mouse. He decided in the 1950's that he would rather focus on making the world a better place instead of having a steady job. Douglas won the 1997 A.M. Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science for his inspiring vision of the future. For more info click here

Jack dorsey

Jack Dorsey was the man behind the massive social network know as twitter.
Jack was born November 19, 1976. he was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of 13 Jack became very interested in dispatch routing. Some of the open source soft ware he made is still used be taxis today
He became a app designer and was later known for being a co- founder and co- creator of twitter.
for more information about Jack, click here:

Markus Alexej "Notch" Persson ----- The Creator of Minecraft and company Mojang

Markus Persson was born on June 1, 1969. He is a Swedish video game producer and designer. He began on his fathers computer when he was seven years old. He experimented a few different programs and made his own game at the age of 8. Now he owns Mojang, the company he created with two friends. His reason for creating Mojang was for the purpose of Minecraft. This game rapidly gaind popularity after its tech demo in 2009. Because of this game, he gained significant notability withing the video game industry.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Man behing Facebook : Mark Zuckerburg

On May 14, 1984, the future billionaire child  was born. Two decades later, on February 4, 2002, the largest social networking site was launched. Zuckerburg had created one of the most used social networks in the world, Facebook It was first open to Harvard students, then to other colleges then eventually open to everyone. It is a website that connects people together through an online system of personal profiles, exchanging messaging, updating statuses etc. As of March 2013, there are around 1.15 billion people around the world on Facebook, making it the most social networking serviced used by people! Zuckerburg is now a billionaire and ranks among the top 100 richest people in the world!

For more info on Facebook or Mark Zuckerburg, click the following link here.

John Vincent Atanasoff

John Atanasoff was the inventor of the first electronic digital computer, with the help of an electric engineer named Clifford E. Berry. This computer was called the ABC which stands for the Atanasoff-Berry Computer. This computer was not a general-purpose computer, but instead it was created to solve systems of simultaneous up to 29 linear equations. This means this computer could take in two linear equations at once with 29 variables and a constant. Then the computer would eliminate the variables and figure out the solution. This computer could not store program instructions which makes it different from modern computers. John Atanasoff was born Oct. 4, 1903 and died June 15, 1995. To learn more about John Atanasoff click here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

George E. Gerpheide

You may not have heard the name before but George E. Gerpheide was the creator of the touch pad mouse commonly found on laptops. Since 1994 touch pads have become a big part of the laptop world being sleek and not taking up much space. George also founded the Cirque Corporation that further promoted touch technology. George has also been part of many other technology related products and studies and has won many awards for his work. To see more of George's accomplishments and to find more information, click here.

Jonathon James

Jonathon James was a computer hacker who hacked into NASA and downloaded enough info to learn how the International Space Station worked. He was convicted and sent to prison. When he was fifteen he managed to hack into networks like Bell South, Miami-Dade, the U.S. Department of Defense and also NASA. The info that he had got from NASA costed $1.7 million. NASA shut down there network for three weeks while investigating it and cost them $41,000.